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Pemkot Peduli Olahraga Tradisional

PONTIANAK—Partisipasi aktif pemerintahan kota Pontianak dalam pelestarian olahraga tradisional patut di ajungi jempol. Lewat gelaran lomba sampan dalam rangka hari jadi kota Pontianak ke-238, pemerintah kota Pontianak berhasil mengangkat khawasan budaya daerah. “Kami salut dengan apresiasi yang diberikan pemkot terhadap pelestarian budaya," kata dato Petinggi Abdi Nurkamil Mawardi, Sekretaris Eksekutif LAMS.
Dalam pelaksanaan lomba sampan yang di gelar di water front city Taman Alun Kapuas, Minggu (25/10) kemarin, sejumlah tim dayung dari berbagai kabupaten/kota berlomba secara sportif. Acara semakin bertambah meriah dengan persembahan aneka kesenian tradisonal.
Selain dari pihak pemerintah kota Pontianak, dukungan terhadap pelaksanaan acara lomba sampan itu juga datang dari masyarakat kota Pontianak. Ini terbukti dari ramainya warga yang datang untuk menyaksikan laga dari tim-tim dayung kebanggan daerah. “Saya berharap di Lomba Sampan Nusantara, 5-6 Desember 2009 di Sambas, LAMS bersama pemerintah provinsi serta pemerintah kabupaten Sambas bisa bahu membahu dalam melaksanakan agenda besar bertaraf internasional tersebut,” ujar Abdi.
Berdasarkan informasi yang berhasil di himpun, gelar juara pertama lomba sampan HUT Kota Pontianak ke-238 akhirnya di sandang oleh Tim Dayung Kiber, Sambas; juara kedua di rebut Elang Hitam, Pontianak; dan juara ketiga di tempati Satu Hati, Pontianak.(go)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

International Degree in Bidar Race in Sambas

For the second time the regency of Sambas district to host the International race boat taking place in Sambas. Some activities have been successfully conducted in which are titled ad LAMS or in Indonesia called Lembaga Adat Melayu Serantau Bidar Race International or the International Festival craft Bidar which have successfully celebrated last 18 to 20 July 2008, in the circuit of Muare Ulakan. Certainty by conducting this special events will be a good moment to succeed the year of visiting to Kalimantan Barat by the year of 2010. The Coordinator LAMS Kalbar, Nurkamil Abdi, confirmed that LAMS International Bidar Race 2008 is a continuation of previous similar events held in 2001 ago. Then, tens of thousands of people Sambas district and surrounding areas in the Muare Ulakan to see dozens of participants from the race boat in and outside the country in action.

Starting from the success of past events, the wish to return to perform the same activities this year. One reason for choosing 2008 as the implementation, because in the middle of this year the government implement the program Visit Indonesia Year 2008. In addition to the agenda this international race will be made as annual tours, activities are also planned with associated with the Anniversary of the Prince Consort Sambas, National Independece and the transfer of the capital city of Sambas and also to succeed Visit Indonesia Year 2008 and visiting Kalbar in 2010. Bidar in LAMS International Festival 2008, for the first time will be performed by the paddle 20, which getting n trophies from the Chairman, Mr. H LAMS Kalbar Morkes Effendi.

Some local participation was very great especially for the youth. The moment of this race also accompanied with hand over of the award Doctor Honoris Causa (HC) from the UK government is also explained, in addition to boat racing, the series will also conduct other activities, such as celebrating charge of LAMS West Kalimantan, Malay House ceremony in Ketapang district, the implementation of the seminar Malay tradition with a number of experts present in Indonesia and the Malay international. The night after the day of the race boat, they conducted some evening entertainment events Pesona archipelago.

When discussing aboutconcerning the involvement of participants, The recipient opens the award of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Badawi on the dedication as the pioneer generation of Malay youth who years ago said this a number of countries have confirmed to present themselves as participants LAMS International Bidar Race 2008. Based on the existing record, the State has ensured that in the present this wonderful and prestigious event that, among other states such as Malaysia Sarawak, Labuan, Miri, Malacca, Pulau Pinang. Not Singapore, Philippines and Brunei Darussalam.

At the national level, some other participants will come to succeed the race such as province Bangka Belitung, South Sumatra, Riau and West Java. And at regional level, participants will come from the City Pontianak, Kabupaten Pontianak, Sambas Regency, Regency Landak, Sanggau District, Sintang District, District Melawi, Sekadau Regency, Regency Ketapang, Kapuas Hulu regency, and two new districts, namely Kabupaten Kubu Raya District and North Kayong. They have planned to invite former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Datuk Muhamad Mahathir to witness LAMS International Bidar Race 2008," said Abdi.

Pengurus LAMS

Icon Sarawak Regatta 2009

Tim Dayung LAMS Berjaya di Regatta Sarawak 2009

Roar of The Dragon Boats

PUTRAJAYA: Thumping drum beats, colourful "dragons" and the spirit of camaraderie at the first-ever Putrajaya International Dragon Boat Festival made it a truly lively affair. The three-day event was organised by Mega Events Sdn Bhd, in collaboration with Putrajaya Corporation (PPj) and the Tourism Ministry.

It kicked off last Friday and saw almost 3,000 visitors from across the globe coming to the Water Sports Complex here. Teams of 12 rowers each from nine countries including Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and the United Kingdom, made a total of 1,500 participants who tried to out-row each other on their dragon boats.

At the opening ceremony, Federal Territories Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin said the event would help to put Malaysia on the world map. "In line with the One Malaysia concept of unity and integration, this event, which was once a Chinese cultural event, is now not only embraced by all races in Malaysia but also internationally," he said.

The minister said the event would also boost the administrative capital's image as a "vibrant and livable city" with the capability to host international events. The boat race was divided into two main categories -- International and Malaysian. The main categories had many sub-categories like the Open, Mixed, Women and Junior (below 23), among others.

LAMS team from Sambas, Kalimantan, emerged the overall victor. They were especially thrilled because they were amateurs compared to the other 20 competitors. Team leader Abdi Nurkamil said his members were used to rowing boats back in their villages but this was the first time they had won a dragon boat race. "We gave it our all and practised hard for two months to get where we are now," he said.

Team Splash, which snagged a gold medal in the Malaysian Corporate Ladies Crew category, were equally surprised and overjoyed at their win. "We just put the entire team together last month. We practised for three hours at least twice a week," said team leader, Kerk Chian Tung, 38.

"We were all gym buddies and when we heard about the event, we were drawn to give it a shot." Kerk added that the team gave their full commitment to train and sacrificed all their free time to practise.

"We were all really dedicated to the race and we came up with the motto 'We Paddle For The Whole Team' to motivate ourselves." She said the team members had now developed deeper friendships with one another. Mega Events advisor, Tan Sri Soong Siew Hoong, said he hoped the event would become an annual affair. He also revealed that the dragon boat race would be introduced as an event for the very first time at the Asia Games in Guangzhou, China, next year.

Visitors also thronged the 50 booths selling food, souvenirs and other goodies. Soong said proceeds from the booths would be donated to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association, Cervical Cancer Awareness Association, Selangor and Federal Territories Spastic Children's Association and other selected orphanages.

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